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Monday, September 29, 2008

Isn't he SO cute!! We got these back today! I have been wanting to do a post the past couple of days but, I didn't really have anything exciting to say. I have had a pretty crappy week! Last Tues. was my birthday, so that night I sat down in my bed with a big fat peice of cake! yummo... but right after I finished I felt so sick! So the next morning I had to go and teach my Spin Class and then I had to go and help in Tim's class and I felt okay the whole time. But as soon as I got home I crashed on my couch. I don't think I moved much at all except to get my kids what they needed. I hurt so bad! It has been on and off ever since. Last night (sunday) I was up all night! This morning there was absolutely no liquids left inside me! Here is a little trivia... What happens to your tongue after taking "quite a bit" of Pepto? Your tongue will turn BLACK! Oh my gosh, I ran in to the computer to look up a black tongue?!? I have never seen such a sight! I was going to take a picture, but I was in a hurry trying to get ready for work and to take Tim to school, and the other two to their grandma's! So sorry you don't get to see it, but I am sure you can imagine. Well I hope that no one gets what ever I have had.... but if you do beware, it lasts forever and it sucks!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cascade Springs

Sunday afternoon we decided to take a ride up Snake Creek Canyon. The leaves are at their peak right now. They are so beautiful!

This is right above the Golf Course, don't ya love how Tim has my smily eyes!

A few years ago when Tim was a baby we carved our names in some trees, but we couldn't find them. So we carved all of our names in this one. This time we won't forget where it is!

Somewhere along the way we got lost and took a wrong road. SO we ended up on the back side of the Alpine Loop. It was a georgous ride but it ended up taking us 3 1/2 hours! But along the way we stopped at Cascade Springs. The kiddo's had a blast exploring all the trails!

Tim and Laynee's favorite thing was to run up to all the signs and have us read what each one said.

I love it up there, there are some really cool spots for pictures. I tried really hard to get better ones of them, but they aren't very patient! And there were tons of people there!

AAWWW... aren't they so cute! I am so glad they can love each other... most of the time!

Just a little FYI... Landon will be 31 on Sunday!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This afternoon I was in my house mopping my kitchen floor. Tim went outside to ride his bike. He has been so proud that he can ride with out his training wheels that it's the only thing he wants to do ALL the time! SO no big deal a few min. later I hear him call MOM, but I kept mopping... when I got finished I went out to check on him. He is standing on the corner with an older gentleman. I could tell something was wrong. I went running over and asked what happened. Tim started crying and said MOM, I GOT HIT BY A CAR! I could not believe it! So we sat down on the grass, his ankle was all bloodied up and instantly bruised. The man that was walking by said he was a retired doctor and he proceeded to check Tim over, thank goodness he was there! He said when he saw Tim he was sitting on the curb crying. So he did not see who had hit him. Tim said the car hit him and stopped for only a second and then drove away. He said it was a white car, like mine (a white ford explorer) but without the flower stickers. He could not see who was driving. It was around 230 in the afternoon, the time that school gets out. SO if any one noticed a white SUV around that time Tues. afternoon driving through timp meadows, I would appreciate any info.
This is the scape down the road where Tim got dragged on his bike.... if you notice there is a hole in the road, that is where the screw that holds the tire on was broken off still laying in the road when we got out there. There is a little brake mark and then the scape is about 8 feet long.

This is the part of the bike that got dragged down the road!

His bike is "totaled". That is the one thing he said. Now I have to get a new bike!

So this is the worst of his "oueys" (if that's how you spell it!) Pretty good scrape and bruiz. He is very lucky that is all he got considering! When he was telling me about it later he kept saying.. "Good thing I didn't die huh mom." Yes it IS a good thing! I can't not even imagine this life with out my little Timmy. I am SO thankful he didn't get hurt any worse!

Which PRINCESS are you?

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Which Disney Princess Are You?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Landon J Bonner

How Long have you been married? 8 Years & 2 Months!
How old is your husband? He will be 31 in a couple weeks!!
HEE HEE!! I always give him crap about being SO OLD!
Who eats more? I definately do! He says eating is a waste of time... I usually can't wait until my next meal... and I usually plan the next meal while eating!
Who said I love you first? Landon & I have argued this from the first time we thought about this question! I say I did, but he says he did!
Who is taller? Landon, but not enuf! I can't wear heels or I am taller:(
Who sings better? We really didn't need to ask this question! He is by a long shot!
Who is smarter? ME!
Who controls the TV remote? Landon. If he is home I don't really have a choice unless I watch TV in the bedroom!
Whose temper is worse? Landons.. he can control it pretty good, but when he loses it it is VERY SCARY... I guess I am the same, but I don't get TOO mad at very much! But when I do, you need to watch out... (funny story!)
Who does the laundry? Mostly me, if I get behind (which happens alot!) He is always very helpful!
Who does the dishes? Me, I think Landon thinks the counter is the sink!! j/K but that is where all of his dishes end up!
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. I never really paid attention, until I got married. He has to have the left!
Who cooks dinner? I do, if I remember! Or else it is fend for yourself most of the time!
Who is more stubborn? Landon (It is a Bonner thing!) (How did Brad miss that one?)
Who is the first to admit they are wrong? I am the only one to ever admit they are wrong! Landon is NEVER wrong!!
Whose parents do you see the most? We are lucky to live close to both of our parents so we see them both ALOT!
Who has more friends? Definately Landon! He is friends with everyone!
Who has more siblings? Landon! He has 7 bro's and 1 sister. I have 1 sister and 2 bro's!
Now I tag everyone who reads this.... thanks Natalia!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bridal Veil Falls

Sunday we decided to take a picnic to Bridal Veil! When we got there it was still kinda cold and shady everywhere, so we decided to hike up the falls!! Let me tell you... it was quite the hike. I have done it a few times, but it has been withOUT kids! Landon carried Dax, and the rest of us were on our own!

There were a few really scary moments! There are a couple spots where there have been rock slides and the rocks are like razor sharp! So Landon is in front of me with Dax, and Tim is trying to go around him and he slips... almost going down to the bottom and Landon is trying to grap him with Dax in his arms, thank goodness Landon caught him just in time. Tim only got a few scrapes up his leg! For a couple of min. I thought I was going to lose all 3 of my boys!! Eventually we made it up to the top and had fun looking around.

At the bottom there is a little pool of water that we have played in before, but this time the water was very frigid! Tim would not get in it! But Laynee and Landon went across and got some really cute pictures!

I don't think I have ever seen Landon so nervous! Tim was climbing all around and the rocks were wet and slippery! Luckily we didn't have any other accidents! We made it home safe and sound!

After the hike we sat down for a fun little picnic. Dax was so funny! He wanted everyone's food. He was trying to get Laynee's watermelon here! We had a great time, the park there is the perfect place to hang out and relax!

I don't know if I have ever really noticed how beautiful the falls are!

I forgot to mention how we went down on Sunday, we skipped out on Stake Confrence! We didn't want to try 2 hours with our kiddo's! We had to stop and get some ice at the 1-stop and Tim says Dad what is today? He told him it was Sunday and he says, "MOM DON'T DO IT!!!" He knew I wasn't supposed to be shopping on Sunday!! He is so aware of everything!! He wanted me to say a prayer when we were having our picnic and repent!! I am glad I have him to keep me on my toes!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Going Going... GONE!

So it is official! Dax has taken his first steps. Friday we were sitting around playing with Dax and Landon said I bet Sunday he will start walking. SO Sunday we were really working on it with him. He took about 5 steps! He did it about 10 times on Sunday. The past couple days he will stand for awhile, take a few steps, stand there for a min, and then take a few more! So he is getting around pretty good! I am getting ready for all his bumps and bruises! I know he will be falling alot. Sometimes he will fall right to his face! I am glad we live at this house now, where there is soft carpet and not just hard wood!