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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fit Stop Fiesta!!

Last weekend was the end of the Fit Stop Olympics! We had a challenge for about 6-8 weeks to see who could get the most points... The winner won a condo in Jackson Hole for 7 days, (good prize huh!) 2nd place won a week stay @ a condo in PC and 3rd place won a weekend @ Zermatt. So I think the winners were really happy.. and they all said they are addicted now!
So we partied it up Mexican style! It was lots of fun... and lots of really yummy food!!

DANCING....it has begun!

Today was such an exciting day for Laynee and myself! It was Laynee's 1st day of Dance!! She has been so excited for a really long time to start. The day we signed her up we went and bought her "dancing outfit" and she has worn it everyday since. She walks around saying, "I'm a dancer huh, mom?" She looked so cute and all grown up. Even Tim told her how beautiful she looked! Her teacher is Miss Trisha. She had so much fun today! I love to watch her get so excited when she is doing what she loves!
Today was also an exciting day for Tim. We found out that his Kindergarten teacher is going to be Miss P. He has a couple of his friends in his class too. Kindergarten is going to be a great year! We get to go and meet Miss P. tomorrow afternoon and then he begins on Thursday!! Holy cow, I have a Kindergartener... My next post will probably be a picture of me crying as he leaves me! :(

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bear Lake 2008!

Well this wasn't our normal Bear Lake trip this year! We were planning to go for the whole weekend, but unfortunately we only made a day trip! Landon started a new part time job at Ashworth, so he couldn't get time off. So Torry and her kids and my kids and I all loaded up and drove up for the day! It ended up being alot of fun.
We got up there around 10 am, and it was perfect beach weather. The kids played, Dax slept for a little while. We got to lay out!

It was great times!! For some reason there seemed to be an awful lot of bee's around me!! They kept landing on me and Dax. So I would swat them away. I must have been too late one time, Dax got a sting... He really didn't like it. He cried for a very long time. His poor little finger swelled up and looked like it was going to pop off his little hand! After some tylenol and a nap he was okay!
After we played for awhile we went over to town and got us a raspberry shake and onion rings... YUM-O! They truly are the best. I think when you are camping (even for a day) nothing even compares!!
It was lots of fun, hopefully next year we will be able to make it a longer trip! And maybe Dax will be over the put everything in your mouth stage... even sand! But thanx to Jackie for planning it this year!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fridge RADER!!

So yesterday I was in the middle of cleaning out my fridge, I was at the sink washing down the shelves and when I came back to the fridge this is what I found!! I swear Dax has to be right in the middle of everything!! But by the time I put the camera down and a shelf or two back in he rolled out some how and scraped up his eye!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Fairdays!!

Fairdays have come and gone! This year we entered Dax into the famous Baby Contest! It was so much fun. He was entered in the fastest crawler, the diaper derby and the most photogenic contests. It was so much fun to see all these cute babies! I think they were all so hot and tired, it was hard for alot of them to perform!! This is a picture of all the winners from each event.

Dax was of corse the fastest crawler 6-9 months. It was so funny! All the babies (I think there were about 6 of them) lined up ready to crawl. They said ready, set, go and all the babies just sat there looking around.. like what am I doing here?!? After about 2 min. I got Dax's attention and he was off crawling, but half way across the stage he stopped. Some of the other babies started crawling toward him and then he hurried and finished all the way to mom!! Yea, good job buddy!! I knew he would win this one... he is a little speed demon at our house. I can't keep him in one spot, he is everywhere, and really fast!
They had some really cute prizes too! He got a little basketball hoop toy. I think Laynee and Tim are enjoying it more than he is!! The girl by me is Angie Neubuger. Her little boy won the "So you think you can dance" portion... he was really cute.
The Diaper Derby was hilarious!! I have it on video (I wish I could post it!!) So I had Landon do this one, so he could redeem himself from the last time! Well he definately did NOT get the job done!! He was 4th out of 4!! But I won't blame him, we are blaming the diapers for being so hard to get open!! The guy that won, his poor baby was traumatized!! She was screaming so hard!! But it was really fun to watch all the dad's try to be so fast!! I definately give Landon props for even going on stage to try!!!

The rest of fair days was really fun too. We spent all day thursday at the Carnival, our kids were wiped out. I think they slept till 10 the next morning! My brother's showed their pigs, so we went over and watched for a little while! Can I just say I don't know how other mom's do it. It is so hard keeping track of 3 kids! Every time I decide to take my kids "out" by myself I feel so frazzled trying to keep my eyes on all of them!!

Saturday night we were in the parade with the Fit Stop Crew! I think by the time I got home that night we ended up walking/running about 5 miles!! After the parade we went to the rodeo, which was tons of fun. Tim did the stick horse race! He claims he won it!! But with 100 little kids it was really hard to tell who won! Laynee slept right through it all. She slept for most of the rodeo! Then they had fireworks... they were amazing! We had a really fun week. - Thanks to my family who helped me so much with my kiddo's!!