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Friday, July 18, 2008

Discovery Center

One day @ work a lady gave me some tickets to the children's Discovery Center.. so we finally went! Our kids hads so much fun!This is Tim & his buddy Tyson. They had a great time running place to place! There were so many interesting things to explore...
Tim went grocery shopping....

so did Laynee, she's my healthy one!

she doesn't look to happy, but she really did like the helocopter! Tim thought it was the coolest part... there was a command post and they could talk back and forth. It was pretty fun. There were so many kids there this day though, Tim never got the chance to drive... darn it!

Dax had a really fun time too! There was SO much for him to play with...
If any of you are looking for something fun to do ... go to the Gateway and stop at the Discovery Center! You could spend the whole day there, and it is nicely air conditioned!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8 Years!!

So I am a day late!! Yesterday was our 8th anniversary!! I can not believe how time is flying by! It really is crazy. I was thinking back how 8 years ago still seems like yesterday. We were so young and innocent! We have been through a lot in those 8 years and I am excited for the many more years that are to come! Who knows what they will bring...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ooh La La Hot Mama!!

So I will give you 1 guess who this is..........
Yes it is my HUSBAND!! Can you believe how good he looks as a woman!!?? It's really sad when your husband makes a cuter girl than yourself!! Holy Cow, this was so much fun! There was a "drag baseball game" fundraiser for our new rec center! It was so hilarious to see all these manly men dress up as really sexy women!!

The announcer kept saying that Landon looked just like me!! It was kind of embarrasing! These were the guys that got an award for being the most "alluring" Clint Kelson won!! There was a really funny play where Clint was trying to catch the ball at Home and he lost his balance on his big shoes and fell over... breaking his shoe!! I don't know how he didn't break his ankle!!
It was a fun night... no matter what Landon says, he really did have a good time being a girl!!

Sorry it has been SO long... I have a whole list of excuses! I sort of lost interest and our computer has been having problems uploading pictures, I have been really busy working and playing all summer... but I have recommited so hopefully I will be better now!! Here is a little glimpse of what we have been doing... This is Landon and his Grandpa Afton.. He just turned 94! He is a very cute old man!! He is always talking about the pretty ladies!! I think all the grandsons take after him, and they don't even know it! He sat in this chair the whole party and let the little girls comb and play with his hair!! He is a sweetie!! Happy Birthday Grandpa Afton!!

Tim has been playing T-Ball... He was on the rock rock Rockies! He had a lot of fun... Dad even helped coach! This is Tim's cousin Jacob.. they had fun playing each other! T-Ball only lasts about 6 weeks, but we were all so glad it came to an end! I think we will stick with soccer... Soccer rules. Tim has also been to wrestling camp! He was not excited... he even cried when Landon told him about it. But he went and really had fun.. So he is going to try the Sanderson camp next week!!

Great Grandpa Afton had a big family BBQ at his house right before his 94th birthday! It was lots of fun playing with all the fam! All of Aftons daughters arranged a huge swimming pool full of sawdust with tons of prizes buried inside. All the kids got to dig through and find the treats... they all loved it!
Laynee was pretty shy about it. She found a few peices of candy... It's amazing how shy she gets around a crowd of people. She is kind of like her mommy!

This is Dax and Chesney! Aren't they sweeties? Dax is about 8 1/2 months. He is getting so big. He is crawling everywhere and stands up against everything. Just today he started walking along the couch holding on for dear life with each step. He gets so excited!! He is such a happy baby. I have been trying to get some video clips to put on here... so if any of you know how I would love some pointers!! Thanx.....