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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catching Up!

Sorry it has been forever since I blogged! It has been a little busy around our house! Tim GRADUATED PRE-SCHOOL!! It was really cute. His school had a little program where all the kids sang songs and did a little program. They went through all the kids and asked what they want to be when they are older. Tim wants to be "Everything!!" It was a really fun school. Tim was lucky to have Mrs. Mary Ellen for his teacher. She was so cute with all the kids! He will miss his buddies!
A couple of weeks ago was Landon's dads 70th Birthday! We had a surprise party for him! He almost fell over when he came in and everyone yelled SURPRISE!! It was really funny! We had a great time. Family parties are always fun with all the Bonner's! This picture was at the end of the party so this is all of the fam. except Steve and Troy.
Dax is 7 months now! He has 4 teeth!! And he is crawling all over our house!!! I left him in the living room while I was making beds and before I was done he had crawled down the hall into the bedroom. He didn't want to miss out on all the fun! I took him to the doc's to check up on his ear infection because he was still pulling on his ears and he now has a double ear infection! Poor little buddy. He is so good though and hardly ever even whines! This is his new toy! He loves to play in it. It is about the only place I can put him and know that he can't get hurt or find something to put in his mouth! He's a very good boy! We always joke that he has been our happiest baby by far!
This is Laynee Lou riding on the carausel @ the Zermatt. We decided to surprise our kids with a little getaway weekend! We didn't tell them about it untill right before we left! It was lots of fun. They got to ride this carausel a couple times and we swam all night! Laynee figured out how to swim all by herself (just with her life jacket) She is getting so BIG! @ 7 in the morning Tim was ready to go swimming again! So about 830 we were back @ the pool. The main pool was SO cold so Laynee, Dax, and I hung out in the hot tub. The hot tub is really cool there. It has a huge rock wall with a waterfall coming down into the hot tub. It was so funny, we would go back and forth into hot and cold water and Dax wouldn't even change his expression! He even fell asleep while I was walking around the pool with him! It was the perfect weather too. I wished we could've spent all day @ the pool! But it was lots of fun to getaway with the kiddo's! This week has been kind of crazy too. Saturday I went to buy some flowers and bark for our garden and when I closed the back window of my car, the whole thing fell off! The hinges totally fell apart! So luckily the guy was helping me because I was holding Dax! But I had to carefully lay the window in my back seat and drive home! So now I am waiting ever so patiently to get it fixed! It really sucks to not have a car! Monday night I came in the house from being outside all day! (it was the perfect day) and our cable wasn't working so after being on the phone for 58 min. they decided a technition would have to come out to fix the prob. and the earliest day is FRIDAY! So we have been TVless all week! It was a going to be a great TV week too, with all the finally's... like American Idol and Grey's! :( So bummer week! To top it off Laynee started throwing up on Wed. morning! SO we have been dealing with that too! Also this week Landon informed me that we are speaking in church on Sunday! (so not excited about that!) So I have been stressing that for the whole week too! I can't wait till next week is here!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I thought it I would just express my love to my mom and my mom-in-law! My mom has been the best mom ever! I love her so much. She has taught me so much! I haven't always been the easiest and best daughter! I am so happy that we have such a great relationship now! We are bestfriends! Thanks for everything you do and have done for me! I hope I can be as good of a mom to my kids as she is to me!

This is Landon's mom, she is so Great! She has also taught me so much! When we lived with them for about a year, I learned so much about everything! She is truely a good, loving strong person. It is amazing to watch her when all of the family is together. She never lets anyone feel left out and she is always watching out for everyone! And that is a big job when there are 9 kids + spouses + 27 grandkids+1 great grandchild!! I don't know how she does it!

And this is a picture of me with my kiddo's at the zoo, (Dax was sleeping!) I love being a mom! I am so thankful for being blessed with 3 amazing kids. They are my joy. There are definately times that are crazy hard, but every min. is worth it! Today I was sitting outside watching Tim and Laynee playing with their new kitty's (I can't find my camera to take pic.s of them!) and they are so dang cute and innocent. I try to take each moment in and try to capture it in my brain so I won't forget because the time is flying by so fast! I hope my kids know how much I do love them and can't imagine life without them.. Love, love, love my little family!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We made a DEAL!

Well I got my chance on the show!! I luckily had an hour break from work right at 11. So I ran over to my mom's house to watch the show and wait for the phone call! When they called me I got really nervous!! I don't know why, it was all over the phone! But my first choice was purse #3 and it was a collection of cookbooks... and if you know me I don't cook that much and already have like 2 cookbooks, which is plenty for me! So, I took a second chance with #4 and it was a make-up lesson with the make-up artist from ksl. I hear she is really good at her stuff! So I am excited for that! So for all of you who want a chance go to http://sudio5.ksl.com/ and enter the contest! I entered like 20 times! So keep trying and they will call you!! There are still some really great prizes! I was a little disappointed I didn't win the Engh Gardens $1000.00 shopping spree. They have really cute patio furniture!! Well good luck if you try!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So, just wondering? Do any of you watch Sudio 5? It is a morning show at 11 o'clock on ksl. Well they are doing a game called "DO WE HAVE A DEAL" and they are giving away some really cool prizes! Anyway, I have been entering everday and one of the producers called me today!! So tomorrow, 5/8 I get a chance to play on TV!! Yea so stay tuned and I will let ya'll know what happens!!