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Friday, February 22, 2008

Reading Books!

So the other night when it was bed time I told Tim and Laynee to go and pick out a book to read, so they ran off and I didn't hear them for a long time. So I went to check on them, and his is what I found: they were lying in Laynee's bed reading (looking) at the pony book! It was so cute!
After I read this pony book I read them a book called "Scamp." After I finished Tim wanted me to read it again but I told him to read it instead... He pretty much said it word for word. He has got a very photogenic memory.

This picture was taken one day when we were leaving my parents house. Can you believe all this snow? It is snowing again today!! I wish I was back in high school when we would all go skiing every weekend. That was the best and you would want it to snow everyday!! I think I have only been 1 time since I graduated! It was when I went with my roomies from college! (Marie, Mandy, Christina... do you remember?) That was a fun time!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Valentines!!

Happy Valentines to you all. I am so blessed to have Landon in my life. He is my #1. He is the very best friend I have ever had. We have so much fun together! The little things that make me laugh, the way he helps me everyday, and when he kisses me after a lemon treat... ooh baby! He's the best! He always seems to know when I have had enuf and he steps in and helps me out! Having 3 kids isn't easy and I couldn't do it without him! Every year on Valentines it is the State Wrestling Tourny, so we hardly ever get to spend it with each other. It is his favorite thing after me (right, babe??) So hopefully you all can spend your Valentines with your lovers!! We will catch up later! I love you so much Landon, Thanx for choosing me!!
If you know Laynee her hair is always CRAZY!! No matter how many times a day I fix it!! But she is truely my little princess! Her favorite words lately are.. "It's so beautiful!" and "that is wonderful!" Don't ask me where she gets it? She is so excited about her new "potty chart!" and is rapidly filling it up with stickers!! YEA finally! She really wants to go to Chuckee Cheeses when her chart gets full. That is her reward! It is crazy how they get it in their little heads and then all of a sudden they are pretty much potty trained!

At least they love each other! You can ask them who their best friend is and they always say each other.....aww! The other day we took all the pillows and cushions off the couch and they made boats out of them and played all day on them. The funniest part is when they made a circle with the pillows and ended up wrestling in the middle!! Does it suprise any one that Laynee usually ends up on top!?!
Dax is starting to get his 2 little bottom teeth already. He goes crazy sucking & chewing on his fists! He is quite the little chatter box. This morning I was so tired, and he was a wake so I layed him on a blanket on the floor, so I could try to lay down for a few more min. He was just a talking and singin.. I couldn't sleep but it sure was funny. He did it for about an hour! He is going to give Tim a run for his money!! (Tim is a chatter box too!)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blessing Day

On January 6th we Blessed Dax! It was such a great day. This is Landon & Daxton and Brad & Chesney. Brothers & Babes.
This is me & Dax and Natalia & Chesney.
After the commotion of the day was over I got
some really cute shots of Dax in his blessing outfit!
He is getting so big so fast!