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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birthday Kids

Tim and Laynee's birthdays are 1 week apart. Tim turned 5 and Laynee turned 3. On Laynee's birthday we went down to Build-A-Bear! If anyone has gone there they know how crazy fun it is! Laynee picked this pink kitty and named her Princess Kitty. Thanx to Grandma Peggy she has about 6 complete outfits! Laynee is very much into Cinderella. She has 2 big dolls and they had a birthday party with her! Cake and everything!
This is Laynee's collection of Cinderella dolls! (the one's she could find!)
Laynee got her very own "Dancing Barbie" cake. She was very excited that it was PURPLE & PINK!! I think this was her 1st "official b-day cake" since her birthday is so close to Tim's I would just let them share! Who wants to have birthday cake for 2 weeks straight!?

This is Princess Kitty and Tim's bear is "Batman" he also got a few little outfits! Don't ask me why his name is Batman, cuz none of the clothes are Batman!!
Little Princesses! Laynee was so cute - when she woke up in the morning she came running to me and said, "Today is my birthday I am free!" She had a great day... I am glad it is finally over. She started saying it was her b-day everyday since Tim's was over!

Tim had a little party on his b-day. He had 2 of his friends from school and his cousin Jake come over and we went to "Hortin Hears a Who" it is a great show! I love cartoon movies, so I like to take my kids when ever I get the chance!!

He had a Batman cake and Batman everything!! It was a fun week!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008


This is Chesney and Dax's little legs and toes! They were having a great time on Sunday. Dax was all over her. He was trying to suck on her fingers and pulling at her, I think she might be a little scared of him!! It is so fun to see them together. They are only a month apart.
This is Camille she is their cuzin too! She loves to play with babies! She is the first one to come and take them off your hands!! She's going to have a baby sister in about 3 more months!! We are so excited to have another baby in the fam!!
This is Dax hanging out in his new Ducky Tub!!
He had a blast splashin around in it!!
Saturday Jessica & Kelsey Clyde took Laynee, Dax and Me to the Princesses on Ice. It was so cute! My camera wouldn't work.. of corse the batteries were dead! But Laynee was all dect out in her Cinderella Dress. She sat on the edge of her seat the whole time, with her cotton candy in one hand and her cinderella doll in the other! My favorite was just watching her sing along!!

We have made it tradition to go to the zoo every year in the spring!! We went last Wed. with Amber & Tanner Swenson. We had so much fun, despite the cold & the close encounter with the buffalo!
Tanner, Laynee & Tim loved riding the train!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Colorado Convention

So these are the girls.. Erin (Thacker) Boyer, Torry Moncivias, Jackie Bonner, Lesa Day, Juliette Martin, Bev Visentin and myself! We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at our annual aerobics convention. It was so much fun! There are some amazing instructors out there. We got to Colorado Springs at about 4 on Friday. There were 3 classes that night, they were really fun! These were the classes that made it seem like Termain. We basically learned 3 different dances! It also kind of took me back to cheer try outs! 3 hours of intense learning and practicing. Saturday went from 9 - 12, then Erin and I ran back to feed our babes! Then we rushed back from 1 - 4! It was kinda crazy running back and forth but it worked! Then we all got dolled up and went out to Macaroni Grill. And to top off our fitness weekend we stopped at Cold Stone for some yummy fatning ice cream! Sunday we got up bright and early and finished our weakend with 3 more hours of training! When we were done on Sunday, we all ran back to our hotel and got ready to leave. We had a late checkout ... so there were 8 girls in one room trying to shower and get ready at the same time! Plus 2 babies!! It was caos.
When we got to Colorado we had to wait over 2 hours for our rental cars. Erin and I took our babies.... Erin's baby girl Ella, is such a good baby. I thought Dax was a good baby, but she never cried .... Dax he cried on the way to the airport, on the plane, on the way up to Colorado Springs... But it wasn't too bad! I was just glad that I was able to go, it was really fun taking him, I think I would have gone crazy if I had left him home! I was so glad that Erin brought her baby too, we had fun packing them everywhere. I think the babies had fun too, they would lay on the beds and coo at each other! We had a great time! This is me doing a kick boxing class by Janis Saffell. She is amazing. She has the perfect body and so much energy. Someday I will be like her!!!

This is my little buddy. We are waiting to get on the plane. He did so good on the way home. He slept and played slept a little more. I was really suprised how smooth things went. I have never traveled with kids - without Landon, but it all went really smooth. Thanks to all the girls for their patients and help!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay, I have never done a tag before but since Amber asked for it here ya go...


#1 - List 7 things that are unique about you.

#2 - Pass it on to 7 friends


#1 - I love working out! Once I get into it, I love to sweat so the harder I work the better. It usually takes me awhile to actually sweat, so once I start I hate to stop! Last weekend in Colorado was so much fun... We worked out 12 hours in 3 days! I felt like I was at Termain!

#2 - I love vacationing! (who doesn't) But my favorite place is the Grand Wialea in Maui! It is the perfect place. There are 7 or 8 different pools, then right across the sidewalk is the beach! Everything is right there at the resort!! It is so beautiful. I really missed out this year!

#3 - I love to snuggle with my kids in a warm fuzzy blanket. I would rather snuggle with Landon but he hates it! He gets too HOT!

#4 - I love to watch movies! I don't really care what kind... Disney, Scary, Romance, Comedy anything really... I like any kind. I really like going to the theater, but haven't made it for awhile!! Maybe this weekend?

#5 - I love the smell of Baby Magic on babies. Every morning Dax gets a rub down and everytime we go out of the house. It smells so great! I especially love it when I come home and Landon has rubbed Dax down... mmmm... so yummy!

#6 - I love boating and wakeboarding! Before I had my children I was actually getting pretty good. But lately I am lucky if I can even get up! Hopefully this summer I will get to try it again. I think every other summer I have been prego, or had a little baby. So yea I can get back to it this summer!!

#7 - I love to go on date nights with my Lanypoo! We don't get to do it alot especially with a non bottle taking baby! He has to come along. But that is one of my fav. things spending alone time with Landon! We have a great time!

So there ya go, maybe someone learned something new about me!! SO now I am going to tag... Erin, Marie, Mandy D, Shelley, Mimi, Maria, Lesa

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dancing Queen!!

The Waspettes did thier annual "little waspette camp" and Laynee wanted to do it this year!! She was so funny to watch! The night of the performance when she was getting ready she had to put on her dancing tutu. She wouldn't take it off. She wanted a little extra attention I think!!

Right before her little group was supposed go out she got all scared and started to cry, so I didn't think she would end up doing it. But at the last min. she wanted to go! She did awesome too! When she was out on the floor dancing I almost started to cry! She is so big! Shelley's little girl is in this picture too. She is the dark haired girl in the back row. It was fun to see her... and you too Shelley!

This was her getting ready to go. Good Luck!!

This is all the girls warming up, I think there was at least 100 girls! I thought it looked a little caotic, but they did a great job with all the girls!